Samsung Galaxy Alpha to stop production line focus for cheap

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Samsung Galaxy A5

Android Smartphone metal frame first shipment Samsung will sell the rest later “made the pitch” for cheap products like Galaxy A3, A5 Galaxy.

Samsung Galaxy A5

Samsung Galaxy A5

The duo Galaxy A metal shell launched in Vietnam / Samsung phone market share dropped significantly in the third quarter / Unpack Samsung Galaxy genuine Alpha $ 14 million

Alpha Galaxy devices are seen as marking the transformation of the design of the Samsung smartphone. Instead of using traditional plastic, metal frame machine rigidity, increased aesthetics and feeling superior. Is such as tests for Galaxy Note 4, after completing tasks, Alpha Galaxy will stop producing more than 4 months after launch.

By ET News, Galaxy A5 devices will be replaced Galaxy Alpha but towards the mid-range segment, the lower price. There thinnest design of the metal shell model of Samsung, Galaxy A5 shelves in Vietnam for $ 8.99 million. Meanwhile, the price of the Galaxy Alpha announced up to 14 million, the level is said to be difficult to compete with other products.

Galaxy A5 body completely of metal including the dorsal and borders, which took 5 inch HD screen. The product is equipped with 410 Snapdragon processor 1.2GHz quad-core, 2 GB RAM and 16 GB of internal memory can be expanded with a memory card. Besides the main camera 13 megapixel resolution supports Full HD video, the camera of Galaxy A5 also has a resolution of up to 5 megapixels. The phone runs Android 4.4 and has 2,300 mAh capacity battery.

Photo opener Samsung Galaxy A5

The move is part of Samsung’s efforts to reorganize the production and increased competition series before other manufacturers. Market research firm Gartner said Samsung is now the largest phone company in the world with 20.6% market share, down 5.1% compared with the third quarter / 2013. Separately smartphone, Samsung is only 24.4% market share last year even though they rose to 32.1%.

Masstel Launch 4 Popular Phones

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Four basic telephony products priced between 299,000 contract with a limited warranty within 30 days of a change.

Feature phone handset brand Masstel known as a close partner with people labor by machine reliability, battery health, good reception, easy to use.



Inheriting success on the telephone line has been well known, the quartet debuted in the series is equipped with 2 sim 2 waves, combined with clear screen with high quality plastic material used on the keyboard help manipulate heard calling, messaging easy and convenient.

In addition, the absorption of excess air, the seemingly simple device useful to help users easily connect anytime, anywhere.

Of the four products, Masstel A115 is priced low, at: 299,000 VND. Computer ownership 32MB Nand Flash memory helps store unlimited contacts. A115 has a compact design, the keyboard made of high quality plastic combined with 1,8inch LCD screen provides maximum convenience for the user. Machine suitable for the customer group needs regular voice call.

Products 2nd, Masstel A215 tend to simplify, healthy physique with two contoured fashion color coated metal side. A215 possesses large capacity battery glide for voice call continuity time up to 8 hours and 200h to the machine power on mode. Equipped with LCD screen multi-color 2,4inch same 300 number phonebook memory with 3 color options, A215 sold for $ 349,000 dong

Model A225 Masstel than play call of the machine capable of entertaining the integrated memory card slot supporting up to 16GB, allowing audio formats MP3, MP4 and share data via Bluetooth. A225 camera equipped with a CMOS sensor captures images, video standard 30fps. Lion Air 1.800mAh standard battery should be able to run continuously for 5 days with normal operations. A225 sold for 399,000 dong.

In this series, Masstel I235 products bearing design is elegant, the most subtle. With a choice of two colors white and black, I235 design style uniform monolithic, front and back with high quality plastic feels smooth, smooth. Rounded corners and edges provide seamless hip style class for the product. It also owns multi-utility (FM, Bluetooth, GPRS …) thanks to a microSD memory card support up to 16GB. Masstel I235 sell for 449,000 dong.

Being a 100% pure Vietnamese, with the goal of prestige and quality at the forefront, Masstel implement a policy change within 30 days for any errors by the manufacturer.

‘Warrior’ phablet 3 million price range – Massgo VI3

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iPhone 6

Massgo VI3 is Vietnam’s phone brand equity firm Masscom Vietnam.


Machine design monolithic metal shell like iPhone 6, feels solid and sturdy. The key physical functions such as volume, lock are arranged along one side and colors makes sense VI3 has been seamless, uninterrupted. Similarly, sim card slot style Apple also makes this machine consistency.

iPhone 6

iPhone 6

Unlike many models and segments available on the market, weight and thinness of VI3 help users to remove the feeling of holding a cheap machine segment.

Despite the low price, only 2.99 million contract, Massgo VI3 is equipped with a large 5-inch screen, IPS panel, HD resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels for sharper image quality. Users can view photos, video or gaming environment vivid images in high resolution.

Notably, technology OGS (One Glass System) with laminated structure display (LCD) and surface sensor (TP) together into a slim volume to increase and enhance the brightness of the screen more but not dispersion, improve the strength of the structure and contribute significantly to save battery life.

Common errors in the machine cheap image blurring, no sharp recovery was on VI3.


Equipped with 1.3 GHz quadcore processor, 1GB RAM and Android 4.4 KitKat. VI3 can run smoother for normal applications, requiring no configuration is too high. Using the fact that, for speed machine redirect screen, menu navigation between control and switch between them using the app very quickly and smoothly.

The back with big speaker.

The ability to watch HD movies and stability, not the frame. Experience HD video playback and 3D games continuously for about 20-30 minutes, warm VI3 Massgo negligible. This is really a significant advantage compared with many other cheap line is being marketed.

VI3 use 2 SIM microphone is integrated on the same plug tray. The machine can connect Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G bands used. Connection quality is good kind of machine does not occur when network outages, loss of connectivity.

Massgo VI3 mobile reception at best in cellular weak areas. Call quality and volume of the machine does not have anything to complain.

Massgo VI3 equipped to 2 camera resolution. The main camera has a resolution of 13 megapixels with autofocus function very fast, accurate color, and add flash and. The machine is preset panoramic photography app and Camera 360 Camera Parorama previous resolutions up to 3.2 megapixels, provided invaluable support for the “movement” taking pictures “take a selfie” (Selfie) youth. With this resolution, the machine’s front camera also supports video call quality, sharp images.


With a battery capacity of 2,100 mAh, the user can use the continuous demand VI3 for surfing, reading books, playing games or Facebook in a day. Li-Polymer technology for continuous time watching movies to 5 hours. However, like most other smartphones, if concomitant use of multiple applications simultaneously or 3G network connection frequently, the battery power fairly quickly.

Massgo is one of the few manufacturers to allow an exchange within 90 days if a detected fault of the manufacturer and the product warranty for one year. This technology companies to follow its sales trends Xiaomi (China) – sold primarily through online forms, although there is also a service center selling factory direct. Of course, when buying online consumers benefit because many packets received support, such as 3G Data SIM worth 18 million and 200 thousand silicon bumper.

Unpack Cheap Smartphone Massgo VI3

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Massgo Vi3

Smartphone Massgo VI3 metal shell (90%) and almost monolithic chic, slim 6,6mm, 5 inch HD IPS display, 13MP camera key, the selling price of less than 3 million.

Massgo Vi3

Massgo Vi3

Massgo VI3 is the “rookie” is the brand’s first phone to hit the market Massgo Vietnam to compete in the smartphone segment cheap. Machine configuration strong, with high metal casing almost monolithic and is equipped with many features, officially sold out the next day 30/12. Computer accessories including chargers, headsets, the device opens the SIM tray.

Massgo VI3 size 142.9 x 71 x 6.6 mm, is one of the top-thin smartphone currently on the market, but the user still feels solid in hand holding the camera by weight of 164.7 grams . It also thinner smartphone “blockbuster” debuted as the iPhone 6 (6.9 mm) or Samsung Galaxy Alpha (6.7 mm).

Massgo VI3 (bottom) “unfinished” the iPhone 6. Is running Androi 4.4 KitKat, equipped with quad-core, 1.3 GHz speed, 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM.

Along with seamless design combined with high quality plastic, the entire chassis, the edges are polished manufacturers, users comfort and luxury in your hand. Frame and shell is designed with premium metal, powder coated high-tech, anti-rust.

Model using multi-touch screen, IPS panel for wide angle, HD 1280×720 pixel resolution for sharp image quality, high contrast. With technology OGS (One Glass Solution), screen Massgo VI3 get maximum thinness.

It has the ability to connect two SIM slots 2 waves with ergonomic design.

High quality speakers are located behind the camera body.

VI3 Massgo the 13MP camera equipped with autofocus function, color fidelity and image together with flash and. It also comes pre-installed applications panoramic photography and Camera 360 Camera Parorama before 3,2MP users more enjoyable experience.

Connectors 3.5mm universal headphone.

USB connector. VI3 is built Massgo 9 different icon sets so users can change the preferences of the user.

VI3 Massgo Smartphone with 3 yellow, silver and black for customers to choose. Official selling price of 2.99 million and sold only open on certain batch of Massgo online site.

Phase one will be on sale on 12/30/2014 Masscom open the machine number 1000, customers will be endowed with special rates was 2.79 million, which was bundled bumper contract worth $ 200,000, SIM Data 3G Viettel worth up to 18 million (for the first 1,000 machines).

Massgo VI3 is 12 months warranty and return policy, machine (one) existing within 3 months if the manufacturer’s fault. Details refer hotline 1900545470 or its websites.